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Aligned with Health Network Accreditation standards, the Dental Network Accreditation standards the same key quality benchmarks for network management, provider credentialing, quality management and improvement, and consumer protection. URAC’s standards require dental networks to establish self-monitoring practices, emphasizing quality assurance and improvement.

The URAC Dental Network Accreditation is designed to allow incorporation of state-specific standards and measures. Our unique approach to accreditation process facilitates learning and helps the organization create a framework for continuous improvement.

The URAC-accredited dental network:

  • Complies with applicable laws and regulations where it conducts business
  • Maintains a quality improvement program that includes measuring, monitoring, and evaluating services
  • Ensures appropriate patient protections are established, including policies for confidentiality, informed consent, dispute resolution and other issues
  • Emphasizes quality of care and quality of services in its provider selection criteria
  • Meets requirements for provider dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Implements a mechanism for participating provider suspension for consumer safety
  • Verifies the professional qualifications of participating providers and facilities
  • Meets rigorous requirements for a credentialing program
  • Monitors providers’ continuing compliance with criteria for network participation
  • Has a mechanism to conduct a consumer safety credentialing investigation when needed
  • Can respond on an urgent basis to situations that pose an immediate threat to the health and safety of consumers
  • Has a formal process to address consumer complaints in a timely manner
  • And more.

Download our Dental Network Standards-at-a-Glance.

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