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The health call center is the predominant form of interaction for patients with their hospital, clinic, or health plan. This makes the quality of care and services even more critical to brand perception and patient satisfaction.

The URAC-accredited health call center has an exceptional infrastructure that meets specific standards, in addition to certain CORE standards, for clinical staff qualifications, training and roles of non-clinical staff, telephone performance thresholds, clinical staff response times, handling of triage calls, information sharing, feedback to physicians, and more.

Call centers must keep pace with the latest technologies and software applications to ensure protection of medical information, secure sharing, and compliance with HIPAA privacy laws. Plus, call center staff must have appropriate skill sets and training.

The URAC-accredited Health Call Center:

  • Has defined policies and procedures that allow it to quickly and effectively respond to the health concerns of their patients.
  • Adheres to defined thresholds for telephone performance, such as average speed of answer by a live person within 30 seconds, average abandonment rate of five percent or less, and call backs within an average of 30 minutes.
  • Provides around-the-clock access to licensed registered nurses every day of the year.
  • Uses established clinical guidelines and pathways to ensure that they provide consistent and up-to-date health care advice.
  • Has clinical monitoring and oversight for non-clinical staff, and immediate availability of clinical staff for clinical issues.
  • Adheres to guidelines for the qualifications of clinical staff to perform clinical triage and health information services.
  • And much more.

Download our Health Call Center Standards-at-a-Glance.

Who may apply?

Hospitals, triage and crisis lines, state agencies, pharmaceutical drug hotlines, health plans, health call centers, medical management companies, behavioral health care organizations, or disease management companies may apply.

Organizations that supply non-health care services are not eligible for this program; they may apply for URAC's  Contact Center Accreditation

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