Accreditation Programs for Small and Community Pharmacies

Small community pharmacies know their patients best. From filling a prescription to giving medical advices, small local pharmacies are trusted to deliver the advice, because you know the patient.

Did you know? URAC is the nation's largest independent health care accreditor and the undisputed leader in pharmacy accreditation - you can now bring that seal of quality to your pharmacy.

At URAC, we know the value community pharmacies bring to their neighborhoods, and no matter what your size, we have several pharmacy accreditation programs.

In the past, many small pharmacies thought that URAC accreditation was too expensive and too arduous. To answer that challenge, and to make sure that cost is never a barrier to quality, URAC offers programs for small and community pharmacies.

An added benefit is that eligible small pharmacies may self-report metrics, saving them the fees and time associated with validation requirements and measurement submission.

Our Programs for Small and Community Pharmacies

Small Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation

Created for small specialty pharmacies.

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Mail Service Pharmacy Accreditation For Small Businesses

Created for small mail service pharmacies.

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Pharmacy Services Accreditation

Vaccine Administration, Point-of-Care Testing, Drug Therapy Management, Community Dispensing.

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Download the 2021 Specialty Pharmacy Performance Measurement Report

Presented in this report are the 2020 measurement year (2021 reporting year) results based on URAC’s Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation program performance measures.