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URAC Government Relations

The URAC Government Relations team engages with policymakers and other health care stakeholders to help build upon a common value - better patient outcomes.

What We Do

Our Government Relations team works closely with state and federal officials, to build policy, assess quality of care, that is paid for and what is regulated, and identifying opportunities for improvement.

These government agencies utilize URAC programs, like Health Plan Accreditation, Patient-Centered Medical Home Certification as tools to help increase oversight responsibilities and regulated patient outcomes.

URAC, also shares our expertise with health care stakeholders across the industry and partner with consumer groups and organizations to support and shape policy to improve health care for all.

Our Government relations team is available to answer your questions about URAC programs and how to work together to advance better outcome.

URAC Government Relations News

Telehealth: Benefits Outweigh Challenges, Accreditation Minimizes Risk

URAC Urges Action to Ensure Telehealth Permanency

By URAC Staff | November 28, 2022

URAC joined the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), as well as the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and the American Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP)

URAC joins 370 organizations signing a letter urging congress to address current telehealth policies.

URAC Joins Telehealth Organizations in Letter to the U.S. Senate

By URAC Staff | September 20, 2022

URAC co-signed a joint letter to bipartisan leadership of the U.S. Senate regarding telehealth policies that were put into place for the duration of the COVID public health emergency.

URAC’s President and CEO, Shawn Griffin, MD goes to Capitol Hill to discuss best practices in health care

URAC’s President and CEO, Shawn Griffin, MD goes to Capitol Hill to discuss best practices in health care

By URAC Staff | September 1, 2022

URAC’s President and CEO, Shawn Griffin, MD joined our Government Relations leadership on a trip to Capitol Hill this week to discuss best practices in health care. In particular, they…