Performance Measures

We meet you where you are when it comes to standardized measures, particularly those related to clinical performance and member satisfaction. Our flexible process is compatible with any measures you have in place or are required to report, including CAHPS® and HEDIS®.

Quality Improvement Activities

The Health Plan Accreditation program gives you access to a team of specialty experts who work collaboratively with your staff to ensure compliance with industry benchmarks and best practices in all areas of management, including:

  • Wellness and Health Promotion
  • Care Coordination
  • Medication Safety and Care Compliance
  • Quality Rewards
  • Care Delivery through a Patient Centered Health Care Home Network
  • Mental Health Parity
  • HIPAA Breach Requirements
  • Measures, including patient centeredness, communication and care coordination, patient safety, community, population and public health, efficiency and cost reduction, effectiveness of clinical care
  • Patient Experience of Care (CAHPS® Survey)

Download our Health Plan Standards-at-a-Glance.

What to Expect

In six months or less, URAC will collaborate with your team to create a flexible framework for continuous improvement without prescribing how to meet those standards. URAC’s approach stimulates innovation across the continuum of care through email, conference calls and web conferencing.

Who May Apply

Health plans, including commercial plans such as health maintenance organizations, preferred provider organization, self-insured and Medicaid plans, are eligible to apply. As a non-profit working to strengthen quality standards across the health care continuum, URAC now offers special pricing to accommodate small health plans.