URAC is the nation's leading digital health accreditor, and we look forward to seeing you all at Booth #410 the American Telemedicine Association annual conference on March 4 -6, 2023, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, in San Antonio, Texas.

To talk about how a URAC accreditation in Telehealth, Telehealth Support Services or Remove Patient Management can give you a competitive advantage, and get you ready for the future in this changing digital health landscape.

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Our white paper, Telehealth and Access: Fulfilling the Promise, examines the role of telehealth in health care and the importance of expanding access to directly to the patient, to ensure better health outcomes.

To download our white paper, Telehealth and Access: Fulfilling the Promise, please click the link below.

Telehealth White Paper: Telehealth and Access - Fulfilling the Promise

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Are You Ready for Remote Patient Monitoring Accreditation?

Are You Ready for Telehealth Accreditation?

URAC's Digital Health Accreditation Programs

Telehealth Accreditation

Performs and/or delegates health care services via telecommunications technology

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Telehealth Support Services Certification

Supports telehealth providers but does not directly provide care

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Remote Patient Monitoring Accreditation

Uses digital technologies to collect health data and transmit to health care providers

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