URAC welcomes you to ATA NExus 2024

URAC, the nation's leading digital health accreditor, thanks everyone who came out and met us at booth 1217, at ATA Nexus. May 5-7, Phoenix, AZ. To talk about how a URAC accreditation in Telehealth, Telehealth Support Services or Remote Patient Monitoring can give you a competitive advantage, and get you ready for the future in this changing digital health landscape.

We also would like to introduce you to our new accreditation programs, Health Equity and Mental Health at Work, and the importance of these programs in today's modern workplace.

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Mental Health at Work - the personal and professional costs of unaddressing mental health conditions is large and growing
URAC Health Equity Accreditation helps address the real issues facing health care organizations of all sizes.
URAC Digital Health Program Overview
URAC's Telehealth Clients
URAC Digital Telehealth Programs

URAC's New Health Equity Accreditation

Health equity matters in all elements of health care. That’s why URAC developed our new Health Equity Accreditation. 

This accreditation is valuable to any health care organization. Here’s why: 

  • Verified organizational commitment to health equity that puts you above your competition 
  • Serves as a validation and verification of your organization's efforts to meet the needs of the population you serve 
  • Demonstrates that health equity matters in and out of direct patient care settings 


Two URAC-accredited telehealth organizations named best for digital mental health care in New York Times

Two URAC-accredited telehealth organizations named best for digital mental health care in New York Times

When The New York Times set out to identify the best online mental health providers, the authors of the article were clear that URAC accreditation was a driving factor in ranking the organizations, stating that URAC accreditation provides consumers with “… assurance that the company follows best practices for keeping your information safe and your sessions truly private.” Read more...

URAC's Accreditation Programs

Mental Health at Work Accreditation

Showcases your organization's commitment to your employees' mental health.

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Health Equity Accreditation

Allowing all health care organizations to highlight their commitment to health equity in the communities they serve.

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Telehealth Accreditation

Performs and/or delegates health care services via telecommunications technology

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Remote Patient Monitoring Accreditation

Uses digital technologies to collect health data and transmit to health care providers

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Telehealth Support Services Certification

Supports telehealth providers but does not directly provide care

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Health Website Accreditation

Provides health information to users through a website

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Health Content Provider Certification

Develops and distributes health content through website or other distribution

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Disease Management Accreditation

Manages a population with chronic disease and co-morbidities

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Which URAC accreditations are right for your organization?