Measurement-Based Health Care Designation

URAC’s MBC Designation Program consists of a focused set of standards that allow a URAC-accredited or certified organization to demonstrate excellence in health care delivery, especially for the treatment of MH/SUD conditions. It is an elective designation that enhances URAC accreditation and/or certification.

Examples of URAC's Measurement-Based Health Care Designation Standards

1: Evidence-Based Self-Assessment

The organization engages in timely evidence-based patient self-assessment at each clinical encounter.

1-1: Self-Assessment Data

The self-assessment process includes:

  1. Gathering structured quantifiable data describing the patient's perceptions about psychiatric symptoms
  2. Enabling the clinician to compare current symptom severity to past symptom severity
  3. Informing the provider's evaluation of the clinical effectiveness of the current treatment
  4. Promoting accountability for treatment outcomes
2: Symptom Rating Scale

The standardized symptom rating scale is designed to produce reliable symptom severity data.

2-1: Symptom Severity Data

The rating scale(s) that in use are:

  1. Supplemental to clinical interviews
  2. Current, interpretable, and readily available during the clinical encounter
  3. Clinically actionable
  4. Culturally validated in low-income and minority populations
  5. Stored in electronic health records in such a way that it is easily extractable
3: Classification of Symptom Severity

Changes in symptom severity are classified into clinically meaningful categories.

4: Treatment-to-Target

Guidelines are employed to enable development of individualized plans of care and enable identification of patients that achieve remission.

5: Quality Improvement

The organization incorporates MBC into performance process measures, outcomes evaluation and quality improvement efforts.

Download the Measurement Based Care Standards At A Glance.


The organization may choose to report on any of the exploratory measure that may be included with this designation.