Telehealth: Addressing our Nation's Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder ChallengesDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, providers across the country turned to telehealth to serve their patients’ needs. While telehealth encounters rose in most specialties, in the field of behavioral health, the revolution was particularly dramatic. This area of health care has experienced longstanding challenges, including access to affordable, quality care. Did moving to telehealth open new possibilities for addressing those challenges? We asked some experts for their take.

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URAC Digital Health Programs

Digital health is everywhere in health care today, either meeting consumer and payer demand or due to emergency medical necessity. A URAC accreditation readies your organization to meet those demands and exceed industry standards. Organizational leaders know the time to act is now.

Telehealth Accreditation

Performs and/or delegates health care services via telecommunications technology

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Telehealth Support Services Certification

Supports telehealth providers but does not directly provide care

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Health Website Accreditation

Provides health information to users through a website

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Remote Patient Monitoring Accreditation

Uses digital technologies to collect health data and transmit to health care providers

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Health Content Provider Certification

Develops and distributes health content through website or other distribution

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Opioid Stewardship Designation

Manages patients' use of or access to opioid medication.

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Mental Health at Work Accreditation

Showcases your organization's commitment to your employees' mental health.

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Health Equity Accreditation

Allowing all health care organizations to highlight their commitment to health equity in the communities they serve.

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