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Telehealth is exploding – bringing not only the promise of improving healthcare for all Americans, but also risks to consumer safety and healthcare quality.  Increased regulation can stifle innovation and create barriers to entry.  Discover how accreditation defines the standards of excellence, while allowing an evolving industry to innovate, ensuring patient safety and quality care. Contact us at or call 202-326-3943.

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Accelerating Telehealth Adoption: Telemedicine’s Role in the Volume to Value Journey

Discover perspectives from leaders on the front lines of telehealth, who are witnessing the risks and rewards as telehealth adoption accelerates rapidly with the transition from volume to value. Click here to download the free Industry Insight Report.

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Disrupting Healthcare: Risks and Rewards of Telehealth

This report outlines the challenges and opportunities in telehealth, and the role of independent, third-party accreditation. Click here to download the free Industry Insight Report.

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Telemed Leadership Forum 2019

Discover innovative and valuable information on how telehealth is transforming healthcare delivery. Join physicians and leaders in hospitals and health systems, health plans, telehealth providers and networks, as well as government regulators and policymakers, for the second annual Telemed Leadership Forum in Washington, D.C. Learn more.