Through its performance measurement program, URAC promotes continuous improvement in the quality and efficiency of health care. Quality improvement initiatives cannot be realized without performance measures that are “coherent, robust, and integrated” into a system that is “purposeful, comprehensive, efficient, and transparent” (IOM, 2005: 4)

Performance measures selected for use by URAC provide a more comprehensive view of quality in broad topic areas while being sensitive to the administrative burden associated with the data collection required to report performance to the public. The measures add and incorporate “state-of-the-art” scientific evidence to assess health care quality and safety. Through its unique approach to measurement, URAC selects measures harmonized with other federal, state, and local quality measurement and reporting initiatives.

Reporting Measures Data

In an attempt to harmonize measure requirements, URAC’s Measures Advisory and Research Group has recommended that beginning with the 2017 reporting period, health plans will be required to report the Quality Rating System Measure Set (QRS) to fulfill their accreditation requirement. These measures can be submitted via a selected web-based survey platform and an administrative fee will be assessed prior to the measure submission period that begins in July. Beginning in 2018, URAC will require health plans to have their submitted data validated by an approved independent third party to fulfill the accreditation requirement for reporting measures.

Clients with other URAC accreditation programs that require measure submission will also use the web-based survey platform as designated by URAC.  Beginning in 2017, URAC will charge an administrative fee will be assessed to submit measures using this tool.

As with health plans, some other URAC programs are additionally required to have their data audited and validated (e.g., the Pharmacy Quality Management® programs). Data validation services are currently being offered by four URAC-approved vendors. Click here to download information on these vendors in PDF format.

URAC Pharmacy clients may select and contract with any of these URAC-approved data validation vendors:

Advent Advisory Group
Attest Health Care Advisors
HealthcareData Company, LLC

If you have questions, please contact your URAC account manager.

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