When it comes to Health Plan accreditation you have a choice

Under the ACA, to operate on the Exchanges, qualified health plans must be accredited by a recognized accrediting entity such as URAC.

URAC Health Plan Map of the USA

URAC offers health plan accreditation in all states and territories

And there are 13 states where URAC fulfills state requirements for health plan accreditation: Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, Utah and Vermont.

You have a choice for your health plan accreditation!

Now more than ever, it’s important for health plans of all sizes to ensure they're working with the best accreditor for their needs.

URAC’s updated programs address the needs of health plans by streamlining our standards to shorten the timeline. Our programs include accreditations that meet the needs of a variety of health plans, including Health Utilization Management, Telehealth and Mental Health Parity.

If you want to showcase your organization's ability to meet the highest standards, URAC accreditation programs make it possible to reach your organization's goals.

Mental Health Parity Program

URAC Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder (MHSUD) parity accreditationURAC offers Mental Health Parity Program to ensure health plans are compliant with new Federal guidelines. URAC’s Mental Health Parity Compliance Guide, software tool and Accreditation serve as a roadmap for improved compliance with federal parity regulations and provide independent third-party validation of parity compliance program practices and performance.

URAC offers the country’s only accreditation for mental health parity.

Mental Health Parity Compliance Across Your Organization

Our Health Plan Accreditation Programs

Health Plan Accreditation

Performs and/or delegates coverage of designated health services for members

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Medicaid Health Plan Accreditation

Performs and/or delegates coverage of designated health services for Medicaid members

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Telehealth Accreditation

Performs and/or delegates health care services via telecommunications technology

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Health Utilization Management Accreditation

Applies to stand-alone UM Organizations and to UM functions inside health benefit programs

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ParityManager Software

Software solution for health plan parity compliance

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Mental Health Parity Accreditation

The nation’s only mental health parity accreditation

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